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School has started again, much to my dismay. The first day included being let into the common room for the first time, as it’s reserved for year 13s only.That’s the good news. The bad news is that my ITGS portfolio extension – which was writen hurridly over the holidays – now has to be rewritten, by the end of the week. Great.
The reason why? Our teacher got feedback from the IBO which contradicted the criterion in the guide book at almost every turn.


My new copy of half life 2 episode one had this particular problem ( my pirated copy of HL2 didn’t =) ) and after fluffing around on the internet I found a solution. It appears that you have to make steam validate the files manually, rather than validate them when it’s trying to run. You have to go into the game details tab ( double click on the game entry in the game manager ) and click ‘validate’.

You may also have to delete the clientregistry.blob file from the steam directory and then restart steam, or add the options ‘-engine ep1’ to the launch options menu.

I had this unfortunate problem recently, with my christmas copy of half life 2 episode pack.Whenever I got up to a certain point, the screen would go black. Just randomly, it would go completeley black. I’d walk back past that point again, and it would return to normal. It turned out to be an error with the color correction – if you were to disable the color correction and restart the game, the problem is solved.

For the past week, I have had to franticly build a robot to compete in a Vex robotics competition. As in, drive to school and work for about 7 hours without stopping. In the holidays.

The robot had to lift cubes up and put them in various triangular prisms, getting bonus points for various silly things like sitting on a raised platform at the end of a match. Some of the robots were quite complex, and had interesting mechanisms for picking up the cubes. We won two of five games, which was nice.

For some reason, one team managed to score 125 points – there being a maximum of 50 points from scoring, and maximum 40 bonus points. Right.

I just uncovered this article (,0,7348229.story ) via stumble upon. Man, it’s slightly depressing when this sort of thing seems to be happening more and more, as though the officials have decided to disregard basic human rights. ‘lets go and spy on the anti-death penalty groups’, despite right to privacy etc. It appears that one of the people added to a terrorist watch list was added because he went to an animal rights conference, despite being in a different country at the time.

While it has been a while since I last posted ( but I doubt that anyone is counting ) I seem to have become a little more popular with the nasty class of internet user. Notable, aside from the ever present spam, some organisation or other seems to have unearthed my name, and insists on joining my IM buddy lists. It’s slightly unlikely that it’s just some random person because the avatar for said unknown-person is a topless model. Needless to say, I don’t know anyone who fits that description, so I’m wondering how to avoid any contact with that sort of person. Current speculation among my real friends is that it’s some form of scammer.

For some unknown reason, the physics engine I am using in my computer game has a slight problem – everything falls through everything else. Sometimes. It seems to treat solids as just dense liquids, which is evil. meh.

Given my previous success in failing to finish anything, i have started to design and program a new computer game called drone. You have a gun drone type thing, which flies around and shoots people. It may get more developed at a later date, but that won’t happen until I actually finish the basic game.

due to my tendency to be easily amused, I have rediscovered oblivion. While i’ve never really understood how to play the TES games especially well – something about having maxed out all the skills through cheating, and still loosing to a few guards – oblivion has a deep enough story line for me to want to finish it. Which I have done. But rather than just replaying oblivion, it seems that there is a collection of new mods that I must try, most importantly, oblivion online.

oblivion online makes use of the oblivion scripting engine – which lets you run your own code in the form of DLL’s. in this case, the mod ties your oblivion session with basic networking, sending the position of your player and surrounding enemies to the server, which then distributes the information to everyone on that server. Hax indeed.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to give oblivion online a good test run, purely because there is no one else here who plays oblivion. Plus, I have the most horrid internet access in the world. 30kb/s as a max speed. gah.

I am installing windows XP on a new computer for a friend of my dads. Simple enough. The machine has a 512 GB hard drive configured to be the master, and a 1 TB slave drive, plus 2 GB of RAM, and some massive number of cooling fans. What it doesn’t have is a working windows disc. for some reason, the setup suffers from a self inflicted blue screen of death. Seriously, who makes an operating system where the *default* install can blue screen? This is before it even installs anything!