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Well, this site is finally online, if that’s a word which could be used in this context. It was running on my recently rehabilitated toshiba sattelite 1410, which is a shoddy piece of junk and make no mistake. No left click button, and the screen has been utterly smashed by repeated use as a doormat. Seriously. It’s a miricle that the thing still works. For the nerdy types out there, it boasts the traditional 256 MB of ram, 20 GB hard drive and an unknown graphics card. Running ubuntu 8.04 happily, although firefox beta would crash from time to time until I upgraded it. I will post a picture at some point. Anyways, this site is now hosted at Thanks, wordpress.

Now that my hardware has been described in detail to the rest of the world, allow me to explain the purpose of this site. Essentially, it’s about hacking, because we really need another blog filled with bad grammer and old stories about how hacking was so much better before the new kids came along, but yeah. you’ve got one more. Sue me.


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