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While I have nothing against having unsecured, open, wireless lying around, there are some unwritten rules guiding this sort of thing. If you’re going to have open wireless, why on earth would you make it long range? Or for that matter, why would you have it in an office where every machine is a desktop? Or why would you put high speed internet on it?

That appears to have actually happened, however. I’m sitting in an office park – or I was sitting – and an open wireless network pops up. Naturally, I connected to it and had a poke around. There seemed to be roughly eight other machines on the network, plus myself and the gateway. Some may have been printers. Being the kind spirited and helpful person that I am I proceeded to have a look for any vulnerabilities that I could exploit – because spreading violence and confusion is my way of saying “I love you”.

It is at this point that NMap becomes very useful.

For the first time in living memory, I failed to gleam anything of worth from NMap. If you don’t have NMap, then you should get it. Even if it’s just so that you look smart, you should have it. Since I couldn’t find anything to exploit =( I tried to connect to the gateway. This required a username and password, but the super-intelligent designers of said gateway evidentially where on speed for most of the design process, as their username/password prompt included the model number of the gateway. This can be used to get the default username and password for most routers. Unfortunately, the username and password were not the default combination, so my evil plans were ruined. When I return I shall bring my backtrack CD and vent wrath upon them with hydra. No jokes.



  1. So in the end, their showing the model number and having an open wireless network was *not* actually so stupid? If it’s not the default user/pass, then… dur.

  2. It seems stupid to have your wireless as an open network.

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