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One of the things that always irritated me when I finally find a vulnerable router and hack my way inside is the lack of easily exploited options. I mean, really. Why would you design a router and not include some simple options such as “open a root shell on the client machine”. That’s just irrirating, and bad from on the part of the router’s designers. So what can you do on the inside?

One of the most fun things to do on your home network is to setup firewall rules to block their internet. This is much less fun on other peoples routers, as you can’t watch them stamp around and generally have a fit at broken computers and stupid internet etc. You simply get their IP address, and create a firewall rule dropping all incoming packets to that IP. Simple. It’s also useful if your hacking a remote router, as it will disable their internet without cutting off your access to their router.

What else can you do that’s fun? You could setup DMZ. DMZ stands for demilitirized zone. It means that everything – anything on any port – is forwarded to the entered IP. You could use this to allow access to a given machine on the network, and thus hack that with exploits, but if you do, remember to dissable DMZ afterwards, otherwise your newly hacked box will be vulnerable still.

Unfortunately, that’s about the limit to what you can do with routers, to my knowledge. If anyone has any more fun ideas for things to do with unsuspecting victems and their routers, let me know. Otherwise, happy hacking!


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