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Sometime earlier, in the realm of several days, A friend of mine challenged my to hack him. Being the kind person that I am, I agreed. Now, the only problem with this was the fact that no matter what I did, his router remained unavailable. Whenever I navigated to his IP, I would get a message saying that a network error (tcp_error) had occur ed, followed by something about how the operation had timed out. Confused, I had a look at the traceroute of his IP.

Yep, the traceroute revealed a little problem with the internets: host was offline. anything going through that server would be cut off, terminally. This really sucks, and my friend was getting impatient. What was wrong with this server? When I navigated to the address, I recieved a similar network error, this one caused by a “connection refused”. Fine, that server has issues. How could I bypass it? Proxies? They were tried to no avail. I did suceed in getting warnings that “this site had been blocked” in several different languages, including Chinese, Korean and Spanish. I refused to admit defeat, and instead shifted blame onto the ISP for qld.aanet. They have yet to reply.

While this is a stretch, is it possible that a few days after net neutrality is scrapped, lower quality bits of the internet start to drop away? I’m sitting on 30Kbs as a max speed here, and it sucks. =(. Could this be the first instance of ISP’s dropping services to the unimportant? Because I have never seen anything like this before.


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