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I’m having a little moral dilemma here people. Oddly enough, it’s not induced by the questionable ethics of hacking random people, but rather by which 3D modelling program to use. I have three choices: Maya, C4D, and Blender.  Both blender and maya can run on linux and windows, which is a plus, while C4D is the better platform for working on – Plus I am more familiar with C4D. It’s really just a debate about weather it’s better to use free software, which is easily available, but harder to use, or the illegal pirated version of C4D.



  1. I identify with the dilemma. I have used Blender for character animation and find that it is a great free option. On the other hand it has a steep learning curve that is not improved by the open source limitations in developing interface design.

    My biggest issue is that Blender has some really odd keyboard shortcuts and a lot of hidden menu systems that are far from intuitive(since when was command-W the shortcut for saving a project?).

    Still I use it with contentment because its the only realistic alternative if I want to do 3D on Mac without resorting to piracy.

    My wish would be that C4D reintroduced the free version they used to offer. For non commercial enterprises buying the real deal is not an affordable budget option. Having the package used for non profit and low budget projects would probably be better marketing for the software in the end.

  2. I have a similar problem with Maya – it has all the features that I want to use, but it is so much more complicated then it needs to be. It’s really hard to use when compared with C4D, which is a shame because C4D doesn’t really have a linux port =(.

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