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Heads up to all those from GTGIG. For those who don’t know what GTGIG is, it’s a web forum. people post things, other people argue about things, yet more people complain that the forum was better before these new kids showed up etc. Anyways, every time anyone on that forum visits a specific page they get redirected here. I could also write one to steal cookies, but I can’t be stuffed ( stealing cookies would allow me to get the stored passwords used to log into any sites they are currently on. Hax ).

In the shortest possible form, there is a script hidden on the page which will redirect people to this page. This isn’t XSS. It could easily be XSS, if it linked to a script on another page. Whenever anyone views the compromised post, their browser reads <script language=”javascript”>…</script> and redirects them here.

For entertainment value, write a webpage that includes a looping javascript popup box ( while (1==1) { alert(“fail”) } ) and set it as someone’s homepage, then sit back and enjoy. Chaos is guaranteed. Plus, if you want to show off your 1337 haxor skills, do it to someone you like then help them bypass the problem. If you can’t work out how to bypass it they have fun explaining it to you sys admin.


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