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We’ve all had the experience of being confused by internet jargon and buzzwords, albeit ones created by the runescape generation, be it things like “Trad?” or the slightly more sophisticated “ERROR 42 – invalid …..”. Never the less, as the number of protocols we have to configure grow, so does the chance that someone else has misconfigured one of theirs, allowing you access. DMZ is one such protocol.

Technically it’s not a protocol, but I needed it to be to work with my introduction. DMZ stands for demilitarized zone, and ironically refers to a computer with no defences. It should be called the helpless zone. Unless you have your DMZ as a computer with a good firewall, then you are opening your network up to the whole world.

In order to exploit DMZ, the other computer must be running some form of server that you can exploit. Simple as that. The chance that you find something running on that server is higher – assuming they have no firewall, but anyone intelligent enough to work out how to set up DMZ and a server will probably have a firewall as well – and they show up brighter on the NMAP radar.

A useful trick to exploit DMZ for safety reasons is to have your DMZ pointing to a nonexistent IP. That way your network remains invisible to the online world. Unfortunately, aside from confusing people, it becomes difficult to find any meaningful use for DMZ. Sorry guys, better luck next time.


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