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As most people know, webcomics are one of the more reliable sources of internet entertainment – I know that isn’t a particularly interesting statement if you don’t follow comics, or think comics are a geek focused passtime, but comics are fun. Fun for staring at a screen, anyway. I personally have a comic collection which takes three days to review.

The reason for this post is that my favourite webcomic ( sequential art ) hasn’t been updated for the last 12 days – that sounds so lame when I read it – but it is important. It shows how dependant we are on *instant* information. What would the nerd race do without up to date info? no news, no comics, no IRC? The world revolves around people being connected, and we rely on the internet so much to achieve that.

If you’re not that spiritual, ignore what I said. It really boils down to an excuse to complain about a lack of new comics.


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