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IT has suddenly dawned on me that I have an IB world lit exam. Tomorrow. Gah.

Taking world lit has had some strange effects on my life, like my new found tendancy to analyse everything that I read to the point of utter nothingness, or the tendancy to twich around hardback books. It hasn’t actually improved my writing skills, however, which is going to be a problem, considering that I don’t really know what I’m supposed to write for the exam. Which is tomorrow.

I also have a spanish exam after the world lit one, but If it is anything like the classwork we do, it will be four games of bingo and a crossword, followed by a short sleep. And people will be playing PSPs through out the exam.

It’s slightly unnerving that I’m not concerned with my physics exam *at all*, but am paniking over a subject that I don’t really care about. If I don’t post by tuesday, assume the worst has happened. I donate by PC to xkcd.


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