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I recently discovered how easy it is to rig something to use mocca, which makes me feel kind of stupid, because I was rigging all my models the old fashioned way – anger and elbow grease. For those who aren’t familiar with MOCCA, then read on, you don’t know what you’re missing out on.

MOCCA is a system for animating something with IK, creating a set of rules for how bones move and bend. Think of it like this: Rather than rotating the thigh bone, and then the shin bone, to get the foot in the right place, you would move a grip object, and the foot would follow, bending the knee properly and everything. It makes animating something really easy.

And it’s easy, too. </fanboy>

  • Set up you bones ( they must be bones, not joints ).
  • The first bone must be a null bone, so add another bone at the top of the chain with length 0.
  • Select all the bones and fix them ( under the ‘fixation’ tag in the properties menu ).
  • Select the root bone (the one at the top, the parent bone ) and then click Character->MOCCA->setup mocca chain. It might be Character->mocca->setup chain.
  • There will not be an object called ‘bone#.goal’ under the root bone. Move it around.
  • enjoy.

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