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Category Archives: Computers

due to my tendency to be easily amused, I have rediscovered oblivion. While i’ve never really understood how to play the TES games especially well – something about having maxed out all the skills through cheating, and still loosing to a few guards – oblivion has a deep enough story line for me to want to finish it. Which I have done. But rather than just replaying oblivion, it seems that there is a collection of new mods that I must try, most importantly, oblivion online.

oblivion online makes use of the oblivion scripting engine – which lets you run your own code in the form of DLL’s. in this case, the mod ties your oblivion session with basic networking, sending the position of your player and surrounding enemies to the server, which then distributes the information to everyone on that server. Hax indeed.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to give oblivion online a good test run, purely because there is no one else here who plays oblivion. Plus, I have the most horrid internet access in the world. 30kb/s as a max speed. gah.


I am installing windows XP on a new computer for a friend of my dads. Simple enough. The machine has a 512 GB hard drive configured to be the master, and a 1 TB slave drive, plus 2 GB of RAM, and some massive number of cooling fans. What it doesn’t have is a working windows disc. for some reason, the setup suffers from a self inflicted blue screen of death. Seriously, who makes an operating system where the *default* install can blue screen? This is before it even installs anything!

Well, a friend of my dads acquired a new computer, which he got me to set up. I installed some new hardware, a 1TB hard drive and a new DVD burner. In return, he gave me his old PC, which had 1 gig of ram and a 120GB harddrive which happened to fit my desktop, meaning that I am now 1 GB of ram richer. Which is good.

Unfortunately, given moores law, the fact that my PC has a 2.0 GHz processor is rapidly becoming unbearable, but I have neither the money to buy a new core, nor would my motherboard support any of the new variants. Which makes me very sad indeed.

As most people know, webcomics are one of the more reliable sources of internet entertainment – I know that isn’t a particularly interesting statement if you don’t follow comics, or think comics are a geek focused passtime, but comics are fun. Fun for staring at a screen, anyway. I personally have a comic collection which takes three days to review.

The reason for this post is that my favourite webcomic ( sequential art ) hasn’t been updated for the last 12 days – that sounds so lame when I read it – but it is important. It shows how dependant we are on *instant* information. What would the nerd race do without up to date info? no news, no comics, no IRC? The world revolves around people being connected, and we rely on the internet so much to achieve that.

If you’re not that spiritual, ignore what I said. It really boils down to an excuse to complain about a lack of new comics.

Spore is finally here, after how many years of waiting, spore has landed. Or leaked out, or whatever. You see, it turns out that a group of stores in the land down under – Australia – started selling the game on September the First. good for us, bad for EA. The early release meant that the RELOADED (?) group had plenty of time to crack the DRM on spore, and post it online. While I decided that I must procure a copy of this game to see if this is true, the spore torrents are clogged by pesky leachers. GAH! So, I’m stuck downloading from rapidshare, which is dull. Hopefully, I can convince a friend to purchase spore and nick a copy off them, and apply the crack to that. Hopefully.

Today my new toy arrived: a modified asus EEE pc with a touch screen. Thay are, essentially, a very very small compute. It’s just larger then a piece of A5 paper, and while the stats are understandiably low, it still boasts an impressive 512 MB of RAM – that’s impressive in terms of the pre-vista era, not impressive currently – which is the same as my desktop. It has no CD drive, which is irratiting, but the main problem seems to be that the up arrow key and the shift key are right beside each other, so whenever I reach for a capital lette I start typing in the line above. I’m currently downloading EEEXubuntu to install over the current XP, which should raise it’s usability in terms of lag, as this box only has a 900 MHz processor.

Some more good news: the wireless card on the EEEpc is capiable of packet injection – allowing for some fun hacking to be performed.