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My new copy of half life 2 episode one had this particular problem ( my pirated copy of HL2 didn’t =) ) and after fluffing around on the internet I found a solution. It appears that you have to make steam validate the files manually, rather than validate them when it’s trying to run. You have to go into the game details tab ( double click on the game entry in the game manager ) and click ‘validate’.

You may also have to delete the clientregistry.blob file from the steam directory and then restart steam, or add the options ‘-engine ep1’ to the launch options menu.


I had this unfortunate problem recently, with my christmas copy of half life 2 episode pack.Whenever I got up to a certain point, the screen would go black. Just randomly, it would go completeley black. I’d walk back past that point again, and it would return to normal. It turned out to be an error with the color correction – if you were to disable the color correction and restart the game, the problem is solved.