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due to my tendency to be easily amused, I have rediscovered oblivion. While i’ve never really understood how to play the TES games especially well – something about having maxed out all the skills through cheating, and still loosing to a few guards – oblivion has a deep enough story line for me to want to finish it. Which I have done. But rather than just replaying oblivion, it seems that there is a collection of new mods that I must try, most importantly, oblivion online.

oblivion online makes use of the oblivion scripting engine – which lets you run your own code in the form of DLL’s. in this case, the mod ties your oblivion session with basic networking, sending the position of your player and surrounding enemies to the server, which then distributes the information to everyone on that server. Hax indeed.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to give oblivion online a good test run, purely because there is no one else here who plays oblivion. Plus, I have the most horrid internet access in the world. 30kb/s as a max speed. gah.